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After the Sturgis Family moved to Vero Beach, Jack Sr. and Josephine Sturgis started Sturgis Lumber & Plywood Company in 1955. They devoted themselves to the community. Jack Sr. served as Mayor and Josephine Sturgis taught second grade for 29 years. 


Jack Jr. and Charlie Sturgis grew up hunting and fishing in the area with their father. After the passing of Jack Sr. in 2002, both Jack Jr. and Charlie took over the family business.


Following her dad’s footsteps, Jack Jr’s daughter, Ashley Sturgis McInerney, joined the team in 2013 and became the third generation of the Sturgis family to continue the business.


 As of 2021, Ashley has worked with many of her cousins and other family members to carry on the family tradition making Sturgis Lumber & Hardware four-generations strong.

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